Lunch Menu

Sandwiches, Salads & Soup
All sandwiches served with hand-cut fries.
Sub a small mixed green salad or cup of soup: $4.
Add grilled chicken to salad: $6.
Reuben $11
House corned beef & kraut, Russian dressing, Swiss, Charpier's marble rye.
Korean Fried Chicken $11
Pickled carrots & daikon, kimchi aioli, gochujang slaw, Charpier's bun.
Chopped Cheese Sandwich $13
Onions & peppers, hot sauce & pickle aioli, provolone, Italian roll.
Nashville Hot Shrimp Po Boy $15
Korean scallion salad, toasted sesame, avocado, Italian roll.
PRB Burger* $14
House-made American, onions, pickles & secret sauce on Charpier's bun.
Veggie Burger $13
House shiitake & white bean patty, sun-dried tomato & garlic puree, red onion, Charpier's bun.
Market Soup $8
Iceberg Wedge $10
Red onion, Gifford's bacon, tomato, & blue cheese dressing.
Local lettuces $10
Peppadews, goat cheese, & avocado green goddess.
Nicoletto's Linguine $17
XO sauce, clams & snap peas.
Verlasso Salmon $16
Spring vegetables, somen noodles, & white miso butter.
Roasted Cauliflower Steak $14
Snap peas, shiitake, broccoli & yellow curry.


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